Flapjackery in the Press

Flapjackery in Dartmoor Magazine

“Carol and her business partner Sally Jenkin met about six years ago when Sally then managed the Tavistock Country Market that Carol joined as one of the cooperative members. Carol explained, ‘There were originally around twelve of us. We sold everything: pies, quiches, cakes, pasties – and flapjacks. ‘Then two years ago we took a long look at each other. No one was doing luxury, flavoured flapjacks beyond putting a bit of dried fruit or seeds into the mix.” Flapjackery talk to Dartmoor Magazine about how it all started.

Flapjackery in the Mail Online

“Birthing experts turned mumpreneurs create a gift box service for pregnant women containing everything from nipple balm to LACTATION flapjacks” Read More.